How’s Your Mobility?

November 27, 2019   |   By Dr. Vincent Ibanez   |   Categories: Fitness   Hip Pain  

Mobility? What is it? Do I need more? How do I get more? The ability to move freely is the ability to access as much tissue as possible to adapt. As functional human beings, we require active range of motion as a prerequisite for movement, and for athletes, that requirement is usually greater. There are … Continue reading How’s Your Mobility?

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Concussion Risk Management

November 20, 2019   |   By Dr. Shelby Kloiber   |   Categories: Concussion  

Concussion management is ever changing and as research progresses, our understanding of concussions allows for more successful treatment options. Previously, in a post titled “What You Need To Know About Concussions,”  we explained what a concussion is, the signs and symptoms, and key objectives during recovery.  Key points included the seriousness of concussions, the importance … Continue reading Concussion Risk Management

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Risk Management of Resistance Training Injuries

November 16, 2019   |   By Dr. Ashley Franklin   |   Categories: Fitness  

Walking into a gym filled with barbells, free weights, and machines can be intimidating, especially for inexperienced weightlifters. However, the risk of injury from resistance training is relatively low when compared to team sports, running, and other forms of exercise. About 4 injuries occur for every 1,000 hours of weight training (Triplett, 2016). The low … Continue reading Risk Management of Resistance Training Injuries

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Sleep & Athletic Performance

August 31, 2019   |   By Dr. Chad Moreau   |   Categories: BTF Blog  

The most recent research on sleep and athletic performance says that athletes should be aiming for 8-10 hours of total sleep per night. In fact, you can unlock an extra 2-5% of performance gains by simply getting more rest. This makes sleep the ultimate performance enhancer! Famous athletes LeBron James and Roger Federer typically get … Continue reading Sleep & Athletic Performance

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Post-Surgical ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol

April 2, 2019   |   By Dr. Vincent Ibanez   |   Categories: Knee Injury   Knee Pain  

Full return to sport or activity can be a 5-month to a full year process for the post-surgical ACL reconstruction. Successful return to activity is dependent on following post-surgical precautions and completing a structured post-surgical rehabilitation program. In addition, sport specific training prior to returning to the desired sport is mandatory and has been shown … Continue reading Post-Surgical ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol

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