Are You Tired of the Holiday Weight Gain Train?

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THE TORNADO A1 LOCOMOTIVEAre you tired of working hard during the Spring and Summer to get your body in shape only to see it get bloated during the winter holidays? I call it the Weight Gain Train and once it starts chugging, it’s hard to stop! But with BTF on your side, you don’t have to take the dreaded weight gain ride. Here are 3 easy steps to help you not only avoid the Weight Gain Train, but actually lose weight during the holiday months.

Step 1

The best way to avoid weight gain and eventually lose weight is to correct and modify your eating habits. Everyone knows this is true but few of us are able to actually exhibit the will power to curb our appetite and eat the right foods. So what are the right foods? There are 3 “types” of foods you need to eat everyday: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Below are some good examples of these types of foods.

Carbs: all kinds of veggies (especially greens); beans; low glycemic index fruits

Proteins: organic, hormone-free, free range/wild caught meats and eggs (green vegetables and beans also supply protein)

Fats: unsalted, raw nuts and seeds; cold expeller pressed and non-hydrogenated oils Sometimes it easier to focus on what you cannot eat. Here is that list.

Avoid: sugar in all forms (sucrose, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, honey and maple syrup); artificial sweeteners; gluten-containing grains; dairy products; alcohol and caffeine; soy products; desserts, processed foods; fried foods; hydrogenated oils; margarine; peanuts and peanut butter.

Since many of us live in a toxic environment (pesticides in food, industrial chemicals in water and air), we need to jump start our system with a good detox program in order to set up our metabolic systems to respond to our need for weight loss/control. Without a good detox program, many individual’s systems are very resistant to weight loss, which can be very frustrating. The best way to avoid this frustration is to use a detox program like the one we use at Back to Function by Designs for Health. The 14-day Designs for Health program is simple to use, easy to follow, safe and very effective at removing toxins from your body. Detox ProgramSymptoms which can be relieved by using the Designs for Health Detox Program: digestive problems, bad breath, fatigue, constipation, headaches, itchy skin and rashes, joint pain, weight loss resistance, poor concentration & irritability. With all of that information in place, here is what the first 14 days of the BTF weight loss plan will look like:


Designs for Health Meal Replacement Shake + 1-2 Tbsp. of chia seeds (blended with unsweetened almond milk)

1-2 servings of low-glycemic fruits (apples, berries, pears, plums, pomegranates)


Small handful of raw cashews, walnuts, almonds or pecans


Large mixed green salad with veggies & olive oil, lemon and herb dressing

Grilled organic chicken or wild-caught fish (3-4 oz for women, 5-6 oz for men)


1-2 servings of cut veggies (bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, green beans, snap peas)

1/4 cup hummus (optional)


Designs for Health Meal Replacement Shake + 1-2 Tbsp. of chia seeds (blended with unsweetened almond milk)

  • the lunch and dinner plans can be switched in order to meet your schedule needs
  • drink 1/2 oz water per pound of body weight every day to help with eliminating toxins

Step 2

Walking is the best way to use your aerobic system and help stimulate your metabolism. Most people that stay at their ideal body weight know that walking every day is one of the best kept secrets to their success. Make time in your schedule to walk 45 minutes or 5,000 steps every day. The Runtastic Pedometer on your smartphone will count steps and time your walks around the neighbourhood at home or at the office. health-benefits-of-walking-poster

Step 3

Strength training 2-3 times per week is another great way to fire up your metabolism. Individuals with more lean body mass in the form of muscle are better at burning calories and staying at ideal body weight. At Back to Function we have an exercise progression that incorporates flexibility, core training and full body exercises that will quickly assist your weight loss efforts.

If you are serious about making this year the one that you stop the weight gain train, then give us a call at BTF 310-534-1900 or email us at to order your Designs for Health Detox Program and/or schedule workout sessions with one of our doctors. Let’s create a community of individuals who make 2015 the year they didn’t submit to the holiday Weight Gain Train!

Dr. Chad Moreau
About Dr. Chad Moreau

Dr. Chad Moreau is the President of Back to Function, a sports chiropractic office dedicated to providing elite quality care for athletes and athletic-minded clients. He is also the Chiropractic Consultant for the University of Southern California Athletics. He was the team chiropractor for the Los Angeles Kings (NHL) from 2012-2020, Los Angeles Dodgers 2017-2019 and the Los Angeles Lakers 2020. He can be contacted at

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