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Metabolic Syndrome

November 22, 2021   |   By Dr. Chad Moreau   |   Categories: Fitness   Food   Nutrition  

What is metabolic syndrome? Metabolic syndrome is not a single disease, but a constellation of cardiovascular disease risk factors. According to the National Cholesterol Education Program: If you have 3 or more of the 5 risk factors, then you have metabolic syndrome, and are also more prone to cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes), diabetes, … Continue reading Metabolic Syndrome

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Exercise & Your Immune System

April 6, 2020   |   By Dr. Shelby Kloiber   |   Categories: Fitness  

       Not that we need another curve to discuss right now #flattenthecurve, but hear me out. As we have discussed for many years at Back to Function, exercise is a main component to keeping your immune system functioning at its highest capacity. We get a lot of questions from our clients about type of exercise, amount of … Continue reading Exercise & Your Immune System

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