Understanding Your Gut!

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Digestive problems? Everyone has them. If you understand your digestive system (GI or gastrointestinal tract), you will realize that it is an important system that doesn’t just digest your food. It also eliminates toxins and houses much of the body’s immune system.

Potential problems can be initiated  by food allergies, chronic stress and exposure to toxins. Even getting older can create problems as you produce less saliva, fewer digestive enzymes and lower levels of gastric acid. Without healthy GI function, you cannot have good overall health.

Optimum digestion requires healthy amounts of the specific enzymes that break down food. Digestive enzymes break down large substances into their smaller building blocks. Without adequate enzyme levels, food is not completely digested, causing discomfort and possible health problems.

The 3 primary digestive enzymes are protease, amylase and lipase. They break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Secondary enyzmes such as cellulase, lactase, sucrose, maltase and phytase help digest cellulose, sugars and dietary phytates.

A broad-spectrum enzyme supplement taken before meals helps ensure the complete digestion of a wide range of nutrients found in the typical diet.

Taking a proactive approach can help optimize digestion, restore gut health and resolve many digestive disorders that can decrease your overall health. For more information on digestive health contact one of our Back to Function doctors  at 310-534-1900 or email us at info@backtofunction.com.

Dr. Chad Moreau
About Dr. Chad Moreau

Dr. Chad Moreau is the President of Back to Function, a sports chiropractic office dedicated to providing elite quality care for athletes and athletic-minded clients. He is also the Chiropractic Consultant for the University of Southern California Athletics. He was the team chiropractor for the Los Angeles Kings (NHL) from 2012-2020, Los Angeles Dodgers 2017-2019 and the Los Angeles Lakers 2020. He can be contacted at drchad@backtofunction.com.

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