Fitness & Personal Training

 At BTF we have a dedicated exercise room that is well stocked with all of the equipment that is needed in order to perform an elite workout program. Our unique 1-on-1 exercise therapy approach was created by the doctors at BTF. Our doctors are Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists by the National Strength & Conditioning Association.

The exercises that the BTF doctors select for you will be customized to your specific needs. We use our unique BTF functional screen to identify weaknesses and measure your progress. If you are having pain we will structure your program to help get rid of your pain quickly. The exercises that your BTF doctor will choose for you will help you prevent pain from returning and most of them will be able to be performed at home. We have a video library of our exercise progression so that you will be able to view your routine at home. This ensures that you really understand what we expect you to do on your own so that you continually improve in and away from the office.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation: If you are a post-surgical client, rest assured that we have years of experience restoring your surgically-repaired body part to optimal function. We will be in direct communication with your surgeon so that when you return to him/her for follow-up visits they will be able to see what kind of progress you have made. Since we are proficient in both soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation, many orthopedic surgeons in the South Bay are comfortable referring their clients to BTF instead of more traditional physical therapy.

Sport Specific Training: You don’t have to be in pain or recovery from an injury to use BTF for your exercise needs. We also specialize in sport specific training. We work with a number of local area athletes from multiple sports including: tennis, golf, baseball, volleyball, football, basketball, track & field, soccer, gymnastics, dance, figure skating, speed skating and hockey. We can design a training program that will be geared to your specific goals and level of fitness. Whether you are an up and coming youth athlete, professional athlete or a mother of 3 competing on the tennis court, we have a program that will improve your performance. Most importantly, the exercises will be different and fun!

 Weight Loss: If you want to lose weight, tone muscles and increase endurance, then BTF has you covered. We understand what it takes to increase your metabolism so that your body becomes a fat-burning machine. Combined with our BTF nutrition plan, you will see significant decreases in body fat while toning muscles and improving your stamina. 

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To schedule an appointment for an injury evaluation, nutrition consultation or fitness assessment with one of our elite BTF doctors, please call 310-534-1900 or use our web form to the right of this page.