Nutritional Therapy

A healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do to safe-guard yourself and your family against disease. As a result, at Back to Function (BTF) we take nutritional counseling very seriously. But it’s not just about preventing disease. Your BTF doctor will guide you to making food choices beneficial to your health so you can feel better, perform better and look your best. One of our favorite programs to get you started on a healthier and skinnier you is our 14-day liver detoxification program from Designs for Health. Not only will this detox program help you lose weight by eating healthier foods, you should also notice an increase in energy and emotional wellness.

What If I’m In Pain?: Certain foods and supplements can actually decrease inflammation and help your body heal faster. Many of the well-known anti-inflammatory and pain reducing medications have been discovered from actual plant sources in nature. Your BTF doctor will guide you to making food choices beneficial to your health so you can feel better faster.

What About Improving Athletic Performance?: Since nutritional supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), at BTF we only recommend nutritional supplements that are pharmaceutical grade. Pharmaceutical grade supplements have been  independently tested and verified by an outside laboratory. You cannot get this type of quality supplement in your local grocery or nutrition store and is only available from your trusted healthcare provider. At BTF we use Pure Encapsulations. Although we can order any Pure Encapsulations supplement that you need, we carry Athletic Nutrients (multivitamin/mineral complex for exercise performance and training), Kre-Alkalyn (metabolic acid buffer to improve muscular performance) and Glucosamine HCL (joint repair and mobility). We also carry Biosteel High Performance Sports Mix and Vegan Plant-Based Protein.

At BTF we have found through years of client care that if we are able to address all areas of health: injury care, exercise therapy and nutrition, then we get the best results.

How to Get in Touch With Us?

To schedule an appointment for an injury evaluation, nutrition consultation or fitness assessment with one of our elite BTF doctors, please call 310-534-1900 or use our web form to the right of this page.