How We Work

Back to Function (BTF) is not your typical chiropractic office.

All of our Doctors of Chiropractic have post-graduate speciality training in fitness training, rehabilitation and nutrition. This means we will be able to take your health to an entirely new level. Not only will we be able to help you get rid of body pain, but will also show you how to get your body functioning at optimal capacity. This is how we work. If you are experiencing a joint and/or soft tissue related problem, we can help you.  If you are an athlete of any type, a professional or a busy mom on the run looking for elite care, then Back to Function will be a perfect fit for you. Here is how we work and what makes us different:

1. Competent Diagnosis

At Back to Function (BTF), great care begins with a correct diagnosis. What you tell us about your health will help us formulate the best treatment approach for your unique situation. Everyone is different and no two treatment plans are the same. Your first visit to BTF will consist of an approximately 75-minute initial examination which will include a history of your injury and background health information, a physical examination pertinent to the injury and treatment of the injury as indicated. All the doctors at BTF are highly skilled at diagnosing soft tissue and joint-related injuries. In fact, our diagnostic abilities are some of the best in the healthcare industry and this is why so many elite level athletes have trusted us with their bodies. Since we are able to render a diagnosis, you do not need a referral from a medical doctor to visit BTF. As Doctors of Chiropractic, we are able to request imaging (x-rays, MRI, CT scan etc.) or blood testing if your injury requires further evaluation. If you have a soft-tissue and/or joint-related injury your BTF doctor will explain to you the treatment approach that will give you the quickest and most effective relief. If your diagnosis requires the attention of a medical professional such as an orthopedist, BTF has a network of colleagues that we can refer you to for further evaluation if needed. BTF also has a unique functional screen that allows us to evaluate how you perform in many different activities. Rest assured, you’re in good hands when you choose Back to Function.

2. Complete Treatment

Once we have a competent diagnosis regarding your injury, we begin a treatment plan that is unique to your situation. One of our specialties at BTF is soft tissue therapy. Soft tissue includes muscles, fascia and nerves. We use a specialized type of soft tissue treatment in our office called movement specific myofascial release that encourages the joints and soft tissue structures of the body to reach there complete end-range position. This eliminates adhesions and blockages in the soft tissue structures and joints and returns the body to a pain-free status. Soft tissue therapy helps restore normal joint range of motion, relieves painful trigger points and improves muscle strength and function. BTF doctors are highly skilled at soft tissue therapy and many of our clients have found significant relief from our treatment after many other healthcare providers were not able to help. We also use a very effective form of chiropractic adjusting that will restore each individual joint’s normal range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to quickly reduce pain and improve muscle strength and function. Note that the BTF treatment approach is a hands-on healing approach. We will not waste your time using physical therapy machines and modalities that have very little benefit or that you could just as easily do at home for yourself. The bottom line is BTF treatment will get you out of pain, keep you out of pain and significantly improve your overall function. All follow up visits are scheduled for 45 minutes. Once you realize the benefits of this type of treatment you will never be able to settle for a regular chiropractic or physical therapy appointment again! This unique type of treatment took many years to develop and is sought out by high performance athletes who put high demands on their bodies. Anyone who feels that they might benefit from this treatment should call BTF to schedule an appointment.

3. Exercise Therapy

At BTF we have a dedicated exercise room that is well stocked with all of the equipment that is needed in order to perform an elite workout program. Our unique exercise therapy approach was created by the doctors at BTF. We use our unique BTF functional screen to identify weaknesses and measure your progress. If you are having pain we will structure your program to help get rid of your pain quickly. The exercises that your BTF doctor will choose for you will help you prevent pain from returning and most of them will be able to be performed at home. Most of all, the exercises will be different and fun! In addition, BTF offers private reformer Pilates sessions with certified instructor, Whitney Salcer Sulentor.

4. Nutritional Therapy

Certain foods and supplements can actually decrease inflammation and help your body heal faster. Your BTF doctor will guide you to making food choices beneficial to your health so you can feel, recover and perform better.We also carry an elite line of supplements that can help you lose weight and body fat.

At BTF we have found through years of client care that if we are able to address all areas of health: injury care, exercise therapy and nutrition, then we get the best results.

Who should use our services?

  1. Athletes looking for the competitive edge
  2. Business professionals and busy mothers looking for elite care all in one facility
  3. Individual’s looking for healthy alternatives to weight loss and health promotion

Why Choose Us?

You cannot get this type of care anywhere else. It is unique and only available at BACK TO FUNCTION. Space is limited so when you’re ready to feel and perform better call and together we will achieve your goals.

How to Get in Touch With Us

To schedule an appointment for an injury evaluation, nutrition consultation or fitness assessment with one of our elite BTF doctors, please contact us or use our web form on this page.