Chocolate Can Help You Heal!

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Chocolate Can Help with Healing

If you’re in pain, whether from a sore shoulder or disc injury to your lower back, new research recommends that you eat chocolate! According to Dr. Paul Durham, indulging in some chocolate treats is a scientifically tested way to help the body decrease pain. Durham, who has researched the effects of cocoa on healing, conducted a study in which animals that were fed cocoa, like that found in dark chocolate, had an improved response to injury. Cocoa doesn’t block normal inflammation, which is an important bodily response that prevents you from using an injured body part. Instead, cocoa keeps cells from over-reacting, which can lead to a disportionate amount of pain compared to the actual severity of the injury. Durham states that this response to cocoa might be better than pain medications, because chocolate does not mask the discomfort brought on by injury, which is a useful reminder to rest. Keep in mind, that the chocolate that would supply the beneficial amounts of cocoa should not be combined with dairy products or sugar. Make sure to choose dark chocolate that is at least 85% pure and sweetened with ingredients such as vanilla rather than sugar. Of course, do we really need another excuse to eat more chocolate!

Dr. Chad Moreau
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