Migraine Headaches

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Migraine headaches just absolutely suck! They can wreak havoc on your day and leave you lying in a dark room praying for relief. Migraine sufferers know they would literally “TRY ANYTHING” to get rid of their pain.

HeadacheMigraine headaches have an array of symptoms and can vary from person to person. Some migraines come without any warning and others will let you know it is coming (referred to as an aura). So how is it possible to treat a migraine headache if it is so different from person to person? At Back to Function we treat the person and find the root cause of the problem rather than just treating the effects (migraine symptoms in this case). However, most of the time our patients do not come in when they are ‘well’; they come in when they already have a full blown migraine.

We treat a symptomatic migraine using soft tissue therapy through the cervical paraspinals, suboccipitals, temporalis, and frontalis muscles which can provide significant relief. We also like to use essential oils like peppermint in the case of a headache because it helps soothe the pain, increases blood flow to the area, and provides a cooling/numbing effect to the skin. Frequently, chiropractic adjusting to the cervical (neck) and thoracic (upper back) spine can provide relief as well.

Once the migraine subsides we want to figure out the cause of the migraines, especially if they are recurring. We look into the patient’s diet, daily habits, sleep patterns, postural issues, or any underlying metabolic issues that may contribute to the recurrence of the migraines. Once we identify the migraine trigger(s), you will be less prone to the disabling headaches that can wreak havoc on your day.

If you have issues with headaches, please contact us at info@backtofunction.com or call 310-534-1900. Feel better and perform better today!

Dr. Ashley Bruley
About Dr. Ashley Bruley

Dr. Ashley Bruley is a sports chiropractor and a certified athletic trainer. Her passion is working with athletes and athletic-minded clients with a functional holistic approach. She is currently the Team Chiropractor for the USA Women's Fencing Team.

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