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The Benefits of Cupping Therapy

October 19, 2021   |   By Dr. Ashley Franklin   |   Categories: Gluteal Pain   Hip Pain   Knee Injury   Knee Pain   low back pain   Shoulder Injury   SI Joint Pain   Sports Injury  

Cupping therapy has been around for thousands of years and is traditionally a form of Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern medicine. However, cupping therapy has become a popular treatment among athletes for sports injuries, and it can be performed by chiropractors, acupuncturists, medical doctors, physical therapists, and massage therapists. At Back to Function, as part of … Continue reading The Benefits of Cupping Therapy

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Ouch! I Think I Have Tennis Elbow!

September 6, 2012   |   By Dr. Chad Moreau   |   Categories: BTF Blog  

Let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing here….  Stand relaxed with your arms hanging down and your palms facing forward.  Tennis elbow is a burning, deep achy pain affecting the fleshy part on the outside of the elbow.  It afflicts many tennis players, although you can get it even if you don’t play … Continue reading Ouch! I Think I Have Tennis Elbow!

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