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Hip Flexor StretchThe troubling question for most patients is, “When will I get better?” To this question I answer, “Today!” You have already started the healing process just by coming into Back to Function and addressing your issue or pain. As a Doctor of Chiropractic I do not heal or cure pain; rather, I help facilitate your body to heal thus alleviating pain. Yes, this process can take some time and this is why we ask our patients to take an active role in their care. This active role includes take-home exercises, diet/nutrition, and connecting the mind and body.

Take-Home Exercises

At Back to Function we give our patients take-home exercises to promote an active role in the healing process and prevention from further injury. The exercises are given to reinforce what was done during the course of the hands-on treatment. These exercises are not made to be difficult. Rather, the take-home exercises are simple reminders to break our habitual postural patterns, strengthen weak areas, and/or stretch tight areas. Those who take an active role in their healing process tend to have better results in a timely manner compared to those who do not.

Waiter-to-Knight/Shield-to-Fend-Off Exercises for the Shoulder


The role of diet and nutrition can be a friend or foe when it comes to healing from an injury. It is much easier, faster, and cheaper to pick up something from the drive-thru, however it can have a detrimental effect on healing. Processed food will delay healing time, create more inflammation, and ends up costing your more in the long run. Green-leafy veggies, lean meats and legumes can offer your body much more than a greasy over-cooked cheeseburger and fries. We need to put fuel in our body that helps each part, or organ, to function at is optimum level. Good food will help the body work more efficiently which will promote growth and healing, especially when it comes to chronic pain conditions. If you want to feel well, you need to eat well.

Mind-Body Connection

Lastly, the mind plays a significant role in the healing process of the body. Connecting positive reinforcing thoughts to our damaged body parts can be very therapeutic. Knowing that you are in charge of your body and that you hold the power to heal is extremely beneficial to a quick and speedy recovery. Self-meditation or deep breathing exercises can help shut off the busy hustle and bustle of your day and allow your mind to relax. Let go of the pain zones and replace the negative with positive. Your mind is an amazing machine that you have complete control over, use it to your advantage to help ease your pain.

Take an active role in your health: do the take-home exercises, put the right kind of fuel in your body, and use your mind to control stress. Here at Back to Function we believe that you can “Feel Better and Perform Better” and it starts today!

Dr. Ashley Bruley
About Dr. Ashley Bruley

Dr. Ashley Bruley is a sports chiropractor and a certified athletic trainer. Her passion is working with athletes and athletic-minded clients with a functional holistic approach. She is currently the Team Chiropractor for the USA Women's Fencing Team.