5 Common Workout Mistakes

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common workout mistakes
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We’ve all heard how important exercise is to stay healthy, and keep our bodies and minds in shape. And while it’s awesome to take action on that, many people new to exercising (and even some of those who have been doing it for a while!) make a lot of mistakes that will either not help them or could even harm them. Some people have their routines or their “special method” for working out and will try to pass on their style to other people. The problem with that is that not only could their exercise program be harmful, it could just not work due to how each person requires a different focus. Here are some common workout mistakes that people should watch out for.

1. Staying in the “Fat Burning” Heart Rate Zone

You may have seen those “Fat Burning Zone” charts on cardiovascular machines. They can be helpful, but they’ll never be an accurate assessment of your own situation. If you’re healthy and your health practitioner hasn’t told you to limit your exercise, you might benefit from doing a more vigorous workout. You could burn more calories and benefit more from your workout by stepping outside the “Fat Burning” zone. Also, don’t always believe the screen on those cardio machines that tell you how many calories you’ve burned. They aren’t 100% accurate. That high number you’re looking at? The reality could be just half that. It’s best just to pretend that number isn’t there at all.

2. Overdoing It

Even more dangerous than not workout out hard enough is overdoing it. Pushing yourself is good, but you need to know your limits. Pushing yourself too hard could cause serious injury and nullify all the work you put into yourself. Keeping track of your exercise regimen and sticking to a schedule is a good way to keep yourself on track. Keep a log of what type of exercise you did, how much you lifted/ran/etc and how long you did the exercise.  Step it up a little next time. Don’t assume that because you easily bench-lifted 150 pounds, 200 pounds will be a piece of cake.

3. Doing the Exercise Incorrectly

This is a very common workout mistake. Many people think running is as simple as going outside and doing it, or weight lifting just requires you to pick something up. People who think that are often the ones who end up hurting themselves. If you are going jogging, you need the proper shoes and technique. Not having one or either of those could result in a leg and/or foot injury. Lifting weights with bad form and posture can seriously injure your muscles and bones. If you aren’t sure what the proper technique for an exercise is, ask a professional.

4. Doing the Wrong Kind of Workout

If you are trying to lose weight but only lift weights, you’re going to be disappointed. It is very important to determine what your goal is with working out. Not every exercise is going to help you reach your goal. Figure out what your goal is, such as bulking up or losing weight, and design an exercise plan that will help you reach your goal. If you need help designing a plan, a professional trainer can help.

5. Sticking to the Same Program

Doing the same exercise routine day after day, week after week, month after month will not help you at all. Initially, you will see results, but as you progress, you’ll reach a peak and then see no results at all. It’s important to keep a good mix of exercise regimens. That way your body will not get too comfortable with your training and you will continue to see progress. You can still mix up your exercise program and still work towards whatever goal you set for yourself. If you avoid the above mistakes, you’ll have better success reaching your exercise goals while reducing your risk of injury. If you’re already suffering from injury, seeing a health practitioner might help.

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