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You don’t need an expensive fitness facility membership to improve your health and fitness, especially in southern California, where we can go outside to exercise 365 days per year!

Back to Function has created an exercise program that can be done around your own neighborhood. Just put on a comfortable pair of walking or cross-training shoes and head outside. Start with a 15-minute workout and gradually increase your exercise time up to 45-minutes as your fitness improves. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Now if you add some of the exercises (described below) to your walk, you will take your fitness to the next level. First, do a quick warm up to get your body ready for exercise.



-start off with a comfortable pace and as your fitness improves, advance to a faster walking pace and then increase your walking time


-every minute or so during your walk, stop and do one of the fitness training exercises to make your walking time really work to improve your health & fitness


-if your fitness has improved to the point that fast walking has gotten easy for you, short sprints are a way to boost your fitness even more

4-6 reps of 30-40 yards with 1-minute rest between each

-add a slight incline to your sprint for an extra challenge

Another option is to find a local fitness circuit in your community. These are usually located in neighborhood parks and are a great way to get outside, meet other active people in your community and improve your health & fitness while having fun!

*make sure you have been cleared for exercise by your healthcare professional before starting this home exercise program

If you need assistance with a fitness or nutrition/weight loss plan, please call us at 310-534-1900 or email


Dr. Chad Moreau
About Dr. Chad Moreau

Dr. Chad Moreau is the President of Back to Function, a sports chiropractic office dedicated to providing elite quality care for athletes and athletic-minded clients. He is Certified in Postural Restoration by the Postural Restoration Institute. His positions include: Chiropractic Consultant for the University of Southern California Athletics (2020-2022) & Team chiropractor for the Los Angeles Kings (NHL) from 2012-2020, Los Angeles Dodgers 2017-2019 and the Los Angeles Lakers 2020. He can be contacted at