How’s Your Mobility?

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Hip Mobility Training

Mobility? What is it? Do I need more? How do I get more? The ability to move freely is the ability to access as much tissue as possible to adapt. As functional human beings, we require active range of motion as a prerequisite for movement, and for athletes, that requirement is usually greater. There are many approaches to gain mobility and here at Back to Function we use many different techniques to help guide you on your journey to a healthier, pain-free body.

Mobility: to move

– Capable of moving or being moved freely and easily

– Movement is challenging if there is increased pain

– Proper mobility is the basis for all physical activity

Higher level of proficiency in mobility, the less prone your body will be to injury

Lack of mobility: injury

– Poorly functioning joints

– Reduced dissipation of forces

– Localized joint overload

– Can result in injury

Types of Mobility Training That We Use at Back to Function

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

– A system of training which applies scientific methods to the acquisition & maintenance of

  ▪ Functional mobility

   • Ability to actively achieve a range of motion

  ▪ Articular resilience

   • Increased tissue load bearing capacity – injury prevention

  ▪ Articular health & longevity 

FRC of the Hip Joints

The Foot Collective

– Helping humans reclaim strong, functional and pain free bodies through foot health education

Balance Beam Walk

– Your feet form the foundation of your body – without a strong foundation we compensate and eventually run into problems

– Problems travel “upstream” – low back pain, hip imbalances, knee pain – most problems result of a problem with the foundation (the feet)

Foundation Training 

– Foundation training adds strength, flexibility, and overall health that will prepare you for whatever sport or exercise program you participate in

Foundation Training

– Move and carry  your body that increases your overall strength and physical health

– Foundation training provides “confidence” in maintaining the posture for the duration of the exercise while feeling the right muscles working

– Foundation training will always remain challenging no matter how long you’ve been practicing because your body will grow in mobility and strength

Is it just about mobility?

The gains you make in mobility training or the ability to maintain pain free movement, is the ability to reach articular optimization. Achieving mobility is the ability to identify the problematic articulations and correction. When treating injuries or training an athlete with free moving articulations, we can provide greater quality of movement and pain-free results. Mobility, when mastered, can be a great tool for any human being for long term health and physical wellness. When using the approaches discussed in this article, our Back to Function doctors are able to identify the problematic joints and develop a treatment plan to correct the issues.

If you’re interested in an evaluation and treatment approach to get your body feeling healthier and pain-free, please contact us at (310) 534 – 1900 or email today!


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