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BTF Nutrition & Fitness Plan

January 25, 2022   |   By Dr. Chad Moreau   |   Categories: Fitness   Nutrition  

The team at Back to Function have created the perfect nutrition and fitness plan for your active lifestyle. Whether your goal is weight loss, a firmer and stronger physique or to improve your overall health and longevity, we have you covered! Home Nutrition & Fitness Plan $179 perfect plan for working people with limited time or a … Continue reading BTF Nutrition & Fitness Plan

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9 Foods to Eat the Day After You Splurge

November 1, 2015   |   By Dr. Chad Moreau   |   Categories: BTF Blog   Nutrition  

If you have been exercising and eating a well balanced diet, your will-power is about to be challenged in the next 2 months! First we have Halloween, and all that candy. Next, we have a Thanksgiving feast, then the December holiday parties that lead into the New Year’s eve celebration. But don’t panic, having 1 or 2 … Continue reading 9 Foods to Eat the Day After You Splurge

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