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Working From Home Giving You a Pain?

May 1, 2020   |   By Dr. Shelby Kloiber   |   Categories: Headache   low back pain   Neck Pain   Shoulder Injury   SI Joint Pain  

Working from home has become a change most of us are still trying to adapt to. It is time to look at the efficiency of your new working environment, also known as ergonomics. Whether sitting at the dining table, home office desk, or your bed, this change in working position can produce poor work ergonomics … Continue reading Working From Home Giving You a Pain?

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Migraine Headaches

September 10, 2016   |   By Dr. Ashley Bruley   |   Categories: BTF Blog   Headache   Neck Pain  

Migraine headaches just absolutely suck! They can wreak havoc on your day and leave you lying in a dark room praying for relief. Migraine sufferers know they would literally “TRY ANYTHING” to get rid of their pain. Migraine headaches have an array of symptoms and can vary from person to person. Some migraines come without … Continue reading Migraine Headaches

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