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Dr. Matt’s Warm Up Sequence

October 21, 2021   |   By Matt Heisig   |   Categories: Fitness   Hip Pain   Knee Injury   Knee Pain   low back pain   Sports Injury  

Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Matt Heisig. I am the new doctor here at Back To Function. I am originally from Arizona but I found my way out to southern California through chiropractic school and now employed as a Chiropractor at BTF. I grew up playing hockey in Arizona since I was 5 years old and … Continue reading Dr. Matt’s Warm Up Sequence

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Reformer Pilates Now Available at Back to Function

September 15, 2018   |   By Dr. Chad Moreau   |   Categories: Fitness  

Back to Function has added Reformer Pilates! We have a brand new Balanced Body Allegro Reformer and private 1-on-1 workouts will be taught by Whitney Salcer Sulentor starting immediately. Whitney is native to southern California and attended Mira Costa High School before getting a scholarship to play NCAA  Division 1 volleyball at Southern Methodist University … Continue reading Reformer Pilates Now Available at Back to Function

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Do You Even Stretch Bro?

February 2, 2017   |   By Dr. Mike Venezia   |   Categories: Fitness  

Training for any sport, professional or recreational, athletes recognize the benefit of a strength and conditioning program…but what happened to stretching?  There are many reasons for stretching’s lack of popularity.  Aesthetically, stretching doesn’t produce the same outward appearance as does strength training. The muscle development gained during an 8-week training program, is much more apparent … Continue reading Do You Even Stretch Bro?

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Top 5 Stretches to Keep You in Shape

May 21, 2014   |   By Kenneth Dulude   |   Categories: Fitness  

Everyone knows that regular exercise is a necessary component for staying healthy and in shape.  An essential aspect of proper fitness is caring for your body is maintaining a well-balanced diet, getting plenty of rest and, believe it or not, properly stretching.  Stretching improves flexibility, increases circulation and relieves tension, all of which are highly … Continue reading Top 5 Stretches to Keep You in Shape

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