Are You Tired of the Holiday Weight Gain Train?

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THE TORNADO A1 LOCOMOTIVEAre you tired of working hard all year to get your body in shape, only to see it get bloated during the winter holidays? I call it the Weight Gain Train and once it starts chugging, it’s hard to stop! But with BTF on your side, you don’t have to take the dreaded weight gain ride. Here are 3 easy steps to help you not only avoid the Weight Gain Train, but maybe actually lose weight during the holiday months.

Step 1

We have found that the most important factor when it comes to the Weight Gain Train is avoiding simple carbohydrates (sugar and flour). Simple carbs cause your body to release large amounts of insulin. Insulin is the body’s primary fat-building hormone. If you want to avoid storing excess body fat, then you need to keep your insulin response in check. So, if you’re avoiding carbs, what should you eat? Focus on proteins and veggies. Let’s take the traditional Thanksgiving feast as an example.


By avoiding the simple sugars that are contained in the sweet rolls, cranberry sauce and pie and focusing on the protein/fat dominant turkey, and healthy carbs in the salad and veggies, you will control your insulin response and avoid that body fat storage! For more details on the kind of foods you should eat to control your insulin response, please see The Kind of Food You Eat Matters.

Step 2

Walking is the best way to use your aerobic system and help stimulate your metabolism. Most people that stay at their ideal body weight know that walking every day is one of the best kept secrets to their success. Make time in your schedule to walk 45 minutes or 10,000 steps every day. Your smartphone has many apps that will count steps and time your walks around the neighborhood at home or the office.

If just walking isn’t enough exercise for your level of fitness, then you can add some body weight exercises to your walk. For some ideas, please see Back to Function Health & Fitness Home Exercise Program.

Step 3

Strength training and Reformer Pilates 2-3 times per week is another great way to fire up your metabolism. Individuals with more lean body mass in the form of muscle are better at burning calories and staying at ideal body weight. At Back to Function we have an exercise progression that incorporates flexibility, core training and full body exercises that will quickly assist your weight loss efforts.

If you are serious about making this year the one that you stop the weight gain train, then give us a call at BTF 310-534-1900 or email us at to schedule workout sessions with one of our doctors. Let’s create a community of individuals who make this the year they didn’t submit to the holiday Weight Gain Train!

References: The Kind of Food You Eat Matters. Back to Function Health & Fitness Home Exercise Program.


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